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Highlights Cuba

  • Heavenly beaches
  • A diving paradise
  • Caribbean vibes and sounds
  • Colonial jewels
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Prices and availability

Vacation rental prices Cuba

CA$99for 3 Dec - 10 Dec
CA$100 annual average
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Vacation rentals availability Cuba

< 1%for 3 Dec - 10 Dec
0% annual average
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Vacation rentals in Cuba

An oasis in the Caribbean

Is Cuba your next stop? The island is a paradise of lush green vegetation and picture-perfect beaches where you can find the ideal vacation rental. Stay in La Havana or Santiago de Cuba to get the real feeling of Cuban life. If you want to stay near the Caribbean Cayes, the options are endless. Spend a few nights in Trinidad, the colonial gem of Cuba listed as a UNESCO site or feel the vibes in Varadero, near virgin cays and long stretches of golden sand. Baracoa is ideal for all kinds of travellers as well as Santa Clara. The slow and laid-back atmosphere of Viñales, also a UNESCO site, will take you to a paradise of peace and quietness surrounded by coffee, cigar plantations and green valleys.

A stay of blues shades and green backdrops

Cuba is an ideal destination for couples, honeymooners, solo travellers and even families who like spending their vacations on an island. Some large properties can have up to 12 people. Book a detached property to enjoy some more privacy with a garden, a pool, a terrace and all the amenities to have a perfect stay. To feel the real essence of Cuba, you can find some private and cheap vacation rental at the main locations which usually include a private bedroom and the bathroom. Feel the smell of the sea, the gentle breeze and the sound of the waves at all times or enjoy the green scenery and the quiet atmosphere of the inland rentals. Wherever your choice is, you will have a great time exploring this lovely island.

Vacations in Cuba

The area and getting around


The Republic of Cuba is an island country that comprises several archipelagos and Isla de la Juventud. This former Spanish colony is a Caribbean destination with colourful towns, vintage cars and a slow-paced life where time seems to have stopped but where the sounds of cha-cha, bolero, salsa or danzón fill the air. Havana is the tropical forest of Pinar del Río, the impressive beaches in Varadero and in the keys are a dream come true, the stunning landscapes of Viñales will impress anybody who goes there, the famous Che Guevara museum in Remedios is a must but the cuisine and the locals make Cuba one of your top travel destinations.

Get around the island

To easily move around the island, you have several options. Drive your own car and explore the island at your own pace. The buses (or guaguas), the taxis and the coco-taxis are also an option to move around. Cuba also has a social form of travelling which is the train! This is the only country in the Caribbean with a rail system that links Havana with Santiago de Cuba, the Especial line. This is the more reliable line you can use as the less used ones usually have delays or cancellations. You might want to try a ride on the camiones - converted trucks - although some drivers might refuse to take non-Cubans on board.

Travellers and activities

Cuba for heavenly beaches lovers

Cuba is a byword for crystal clear waters, a flawless turquoise coastline, long stretches of soft white sand and days under the palm tree taking a sip of coconut water. Enjoy the palm-fringed sand dunes and the blue and warm shallow waters of Varadero and the northern keys of Jardines del Rey. Explore Playa Pilar or Cayo Coco. The first one is probably the most beautiful beach and a good place to try some windsurfing, snorkeling and swimming. If you think of aquamarine waters lapping the shoreline, coconut trees and a paradise on earth, Cayo Jutías is the place to go! After a couple of hours along a tricky road full of potholes, the views will make it worth the while. Playa Paraíso is one of the most famous beaches of Cayo Largo for a reason. Other beaches such as Cayo Santa María, Playa Girón, Playa Guanabo or Playa Ancón constitute the perfect setting to relax. Get the Cuban vibes sun-kissed on the most amazing strips of sand and get that heaven-on-earth feeling.

Cuba for diving lovers

The largest of the Antilles is the tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean region. Enjoy exciting experiences in submerged paradises throughout the archipelago. Guanahacabibes National Park is a Biosphere Reserve in Pinar del Río, in the westernmost region of this paradise called Cuba. Enjoy the excellent visibility of its waters, explore the caves, the cliffs of several diving sites including "El Encanto", "El Paraíso perdidos", "Depths of Yemayá", "The Pirate's Anchor" or "El Salón de María". Varadero, Cienfuegos and Cayo Largo are also great diving spots but the eastern side of the island is where you will get closer to history with a dazzling underwater landscape. Santiago de Cuba is a true paradise as the warm waters of the Caribbean preserve almost intact the ships that were wrecked in 1898. Here you can explore different wrecks starting at Santiago Bay with the UDD Merrimac and go until you reach Christopher Columbus’ cruise. Whether you choose scuba diving or snorkeling, you will discover that Cuban waters give you underwater gems of unrivalled beauty in this one-of-a-kind deep sea.

Did you know that from 1969 to 1997 Christmas celebrations were banned in Cuba by Fidel Castro? After 30 years, The Silent Christmases, (as locals know them) were gone and now Christmas is a working day.

Top 5 travel tips in Cuba

1. A little part of Spain in the Caribbean

Wandering the streets of Habana Vieja (Old Havana) is a must. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is in the heart of the Cuban capital with certainly striking architecture, stunning baroque houses with old and stained facades and the typical Andalusian arcades along the streets. Visit the beautiful churches, the palaces, the famous Plaza de Armas or Plaza de la Catedral and the fortifications. As you walk along the streets you will also find some typical rumba bars and cantinas to have a drink and enjoy the most authentic Cuban vibes.

2. Trinidad, Cuba’s colonial jewel

Trinidad is a colonial old town with an amazing historic centre of cobbled streets lined up with old colonial houses with colourful facades. Stroll along and explore the streets, squares, churches, crafts shops and the eateries. Visit the Plaza Mayor and have a delicious mojito for just one CUC, sitting on the stairs of the Casa de la Música and enjoy the Cuban sounds, the afternoon air and the colours and charm of the city. Go up to the roof of the Municipal Historical Museum to enjoy the best views of the city and stop at Playa Ancón for a dip and some lay down time. Keep unforgettable memories of your time in Trinidad!

3. Visit Varadero’s paradise

Varadero is the closest Cuban point to the United States of about 13 miles of stunning beaches with a perennial tropical light, translucid waters and lush vegetation, making it one of the most exotic destinations on your bucket list. Varadero Beach with its pink and white sand is a dream come true and definitely, one of the most jaw-dropping beaches in the world. Those looking for a well-deserved break, where the beach, cocktails and night prevail, Varadero is the place to be. Get some rest surrounded by unspoiled nature at Cayo Blanco or the Bellamar Caves, take refuge on a sunny summer day at Josone Park and marvel at the fantastic lagoon of Saturno Cave. This destination is also famous for the variety of watersports including snorkeling in clear waters with multicoloured fish, coral reefs and molluscs. Go horseback riding and cycle along the idyllic surroundings.

4. Feel the rhythm

The art of dancing is made in Cuba to the sound of the harpsichord and the bongo. Music is the soul of the island The so-called "Pearl of the Caribbean" is a cultural mixture and the good chords emanate and merge, creating different styles to dance and good dancers to move to the sound of them. Casa de la Trova in Trinidad or the one in Santiago de Cuba are an ideal space to meet salsa, to share ideas, listen and dance while enjoying native Cuban cocktails. The joy and cultural rejoicing will be present because the troubadours will liven up your stay. Casa de la Música in Havana is a place with plenty of space that invites you to unleash your feet to the rhythm of salsa. Cubans know how to move so watch, learn and dance!

5. Take a cycling tour

The easiest way of organising a long-distance tour is by booking a cycling tour with a tour operator such as McQueen’s Island Tours in Havana. You can also rent a bike from private owners as there are still a few places where to get one. If you do intend to cycle on the island you must remember to bring your own padlock, as they are rarely supplied and it is not easy to find a place to buy them. Locals leave the bikes everywhere, even in special parking areas inside houses where the owner will look after your bike for a few pesos. Have a different cycling experience and enjoy!

FAQs: Vacation Rentals and Apartments in Cuba

How much did it cost for a vacation rental in Cuba in 2020, during the corona crisis?

Rentals in Cuba offer very affordable prices, with an annual average of CA$115.33 per night in 2020, which makes it the most money-saving vacation destination in North America.

During which months are vacation rentals cheaper in Cuba?

]If you are looking to make the most of your money, the most affordable months to visit Cuba are November (CA$88.41 the average per night for accommodation), December (CA$92.12), and October (CA$97.55).

During which months are vacation rentals more expensive in Cuba?

Following the data observed in 2020, costs per night for accommodation here are usually higher, on average, during the months of July (CA$162.35), June (CA$150.14), and August (CA$135.33).

Are there usually many vacation rentals available in Cuba?

To get to know Cuba, you don't have to be organized far in advance. It has a high annual average availability of 84%, which allows you to be more flexible with your planning.

What are the best months for a spontaneous getaway?

The most available months are, on average, July (with an availability of 95.5%), June (95.5%), and August (94.8%), according to the trends observed in 2020.

When are fewer rentals available in Cuba?

The month with the highest average booked rental figures is October (only 66.2% of properties were available on average in 2020). Followed by February (72.6%), and September (74%).

How many rentals are there in Cuba?

We work together with 14 different partners, but the range of offers of rentals in Cuba is limited, so you have to hurry to get one of about 10 that are available.

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